About Us

DeW was founded 2002, and is set-up to engage her business in supplying and engineering especially in areas related to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Our process and technology know-how, combined with a keen awareness of industry trends and concerns, equips us to assist the client’s need that deliver the results and reliability our customers demand. And therefore our mission is to be the leader in the both fields that can offer our served markets, providing our customers best-in-class products and support services.

DeW strength as a supplier, lies in its sensitiveness to the customer’ demands. These only are achievable through intimate knowledge of customers needs. Close cooperation and good relationship with the customers are its forte and one of the key factors for DeW to success. DeW has built strong relationships with numerous of reputable manufacturers as below, with unquestionably the highest quality products in the industry and with major trading houses in the U.S.A, Europe and Japan. We are able to quickly offer product specifications, pricing and delivery schedules to obtain our customers the most favourable terms to meet their requirement.

DeW intends to be sole agent to reputable organisations companies with the technology and product support for its customers. This is enables DeW to market and service the products more vigorously and successfully. This is also very much in line with the expectations of the customers. Operators prefer to operate proven and reliable equipment. At the same time they need additional comfort of having a local representative to provide the necessary service and to assist on the majority of problems they face in the operations of their equipment.


Clients Comment

"We (UTP) has rated DeliWali Engineering Sdn. Bhd. performance as EXCELLENT/VERY GOOD, which have met their expectation in terms of items specification, timely delivered, quality and after sales services."
universiti teknologi petronas
Procurement Management Department
"DeliWali Engineering Sdn. Bhd. overall performance for the period under review is rated ‘GOOD’. We (FPSO)appreciate your effort in providing good services and hope that DeliWali could endeavour for superior performance in the coming years."
Procurement Management Department